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Joining our adhesive background with club fitter and repair technician's wants and needs we are developing products that are truly revolutionizing the industry.

The Future of Club Fitting & Repair


The Silencer System is designed specifically for the golf club repair industry and is the result of more than a year and half of research and development. We have taken the technology typically used by club manufacturers for weight and rattle prevention and reduced it to a smaller and more economical form. The result is The Silencer System.

This cost-effective and portable system is the perfect tool for any size repair facility or any level of service professional. The benefits of The Silencer System's gun and specifically formulated adhesive include:

  • Quick and easy use
  • Stops current rattles and prevents new rattles from forming
  • Swing correcting weight
  • Permanently stays in place with no migration
  • Adjust weight correction by reheating the head

The Ultimate Shaft Epoxy was in development for almost a year.  Working closely with golf professionals we engineered this product to meet every need.  The SS 1050 epoxy has a 20 minute working time and 60 minute fixture time with 24 hour strength.  This combination allows you to fit or repair a set of clubs and have your customer hitting them same day with no worries.

This epoxy was also developed to have an extremely high sheer strength along with high temperature resistance and a flexible bond that is perfect for modern clubs. 

As a added benefit this epoxy is Black in color to provide a professional finish to your work.


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