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Revolutionizing Club Fitting & Maintenance

  The Silencer System was designed to fill two roles:
  • Provide swing correcting weight
  • Stop current and future club rattles

No other tool on the market provides both of these benefits at a reasonable price.

Requiring just a short warm up period, The Silencer System is ready to go in just minutes. 

With a squeeze of the trigger you will be able to end annoying club rattle PERMANENTLY!

Unlike inexpensive liquid adhesives, The Silencer System's adhesive stays in place, allowing you to add swing correcting weight specifically where it is needed the heel, the toe, wherever.

Best of all, if you need to correct the placement, simply reheat the head and reposition the adhesive.


How to Use this Tool

Whether your goal is to stop head rattle or to add weight, the method is the same.
  • When the system is ready, a green LED on the base will light up
  • Place club head on a scale to get the most accurate measure of weight correction
  • Insert The Silencer nozzle into the hosel (as seen on right)
  • Pull trigger to apply adhesive
  • For proper weight alignment, heat the head while positioning adhesive
  • Once positioned, let adhesive cool for 45 - 90 seconds
  • If adhesive needs to be repositioned, reheat head and rotate to proper placement and allow adhesive to cool

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